Monday, October 3, 2016

So You Want to be a Beekeeper???? You're in Luck!

If you have every dreamed of owning a bee hive or two, or learning what it takes to keep bees, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is offering a Beekeeping Basics Course, October 14th with a field day on either the 15th or 16th (you choose).

Registration will close soon, so be sure to get your registrations mailed in!

This is a wonderful opportunity to put on a bee suit, open up a beehive and learn from actual beekeepers with hands on instruction.

We will cover:
The basics of beekeeping- equipment, tools, gear, time, resources
The basics of bees – biology, what a hive should look like, how to manage a hive

This program is always a hit, you’ll get a ton of resources and tools, lots of instruction, and great advice.  Lunch is provided and you get to choose between a field day on Saturday in Adkins or Sunday in Leon Springs.

Hope to see you there!  Register by visiting

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