Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Summer Bug Camps! Now taking registrations!

If you have a child ages 4-11, interested in nature, insects, and especially science - Texas A&M AgriLife is hosting three camps through NISD Community Education this summer!

Bug Camp

Ages 7-11
July 24-26
9am-2pm (bring a lunch)
Grissom & Bandera - NISD Learning Center
Campers will get the chance to study entomology through interactive activities and experiments, collect insects and start an insect collection, and learn to appreciate the smallest of animals on our earth.  Campers will receive a student collection kit complete with: collecting net, collection box, pins, killing solution, kill jars, labels, butterfly envelopes, foreceps, pinning block, spreading board, and collecting bag.

Junior Bug Camp

Ages 4-6
Camp #1 July 31-August 1 & Camp #2 August 2-3
Grissom & Bandera - NISD Learning Center

For the youngest scientists, we will perform age appropriate hands on activities and experiments, get to do a little collecting, and learn a LOT about insects and their importance as pollinators and recyclers in our environment.  Campers will receive a collection box, killing jar and miscellaneous collecting materials.

Please register through NISD Community Education by calling 210-397-8100 or online at