Thursday, July 16, 2020

Beetles Dying?

Rhino Beetle Adult
Rhino Beetle Adult

If you are wondering why you are finding so many Rhino Beetles dead or dying around your house, you aren't alone.  And it isn't unusual!

Rhino Beetle Grub
Rhino Beeltes or Ox Beetles, spend the majority of their life in the larval form, under the soil or in your compost, eating decaying organic matter and turning trash into healthy soil.  They emerge in the summer months, looking for a mate.  Once they've mated and laid eggs, both males and females will die - their purpose as adults fulfilled.

If you are finding them dead or dying in your lawn or on your porch, it isn't that they got into anything bad, necessarily.  It is just the natural process of their life.

Suspected Rhino Beetle Exit Hole