Monday, December 22, 2008

Gecko Invasion!


This time of year, you may be noticing strange droppings in your garage or outdoor storage rooms. These are probably from geckos, a small light colored lizard. Geckos are common in Texas, and are usually considered beneficial because they feed on nuisance insects. However, they can become very numerous and their droppings can become sanitation and smell issue.

You may never actually see a gecko crawling around indoors, but you can monitor for them by looking for their droppings. Gecko droppings are black/brown with a white tip – somewhat similar to bird droppings.

I’m always hesitant to suggest control of geckos because of their beneficial status, but when they become so numerous that they start to smell, or their droppings are found in places of food storage, some control may be necessary. First, it is important to realize that they are eating insects, so you have to get to their food source first. Figure out what they are feeding on and try to control them. Use general indoor insecticides indoors to help reduce the population of insects.

If absolutely necessary, use sticky cards to control the geckos directly. Place them in areas where you find the most droppings. This can also serve for monitoring. Wherever you catch the most geckos are the place you really need to focus your treatments or nest removal efforts.

Remember, geckos are not harmful! They do not bite or scratch or attach humans. Sometimes with some animals its just best to live and let live!

*Special thanks to Mary from Hays County for giving me the idea to write this Pest of the Month!