Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Something for everyone... even the youngest of entomologists

If you have a young one who is facinated with nature, insects, and/or gardening, we have a camp for you!  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension hosts a Tots Science Camp for ages 2-5.  We have two topics: Bugs and Plants.

For those interested in Bugs, our camp dates are July 25th and August 8th.  Each camp is the same, so you only need to choose one.  Camp runs 10am-12pm.  We will learn about insects, get to play with insects, learn about bees and tarantulas, do some artwork with maggots (sounds gross, but I promise, its actually pretty amazing), and other insect-related crafts, experiments and activities.

If you like getting your hands dirty in the soil, our Plants Tots Camp is a great opportunity to learn about some very weird plants, take some plants home to grow, taste different herbs, learn how insects find plants, and get to dig in the dirt and get your hands dirty.

Parents are welcome to drop off or stay for the camp.

Cost for each camp is $20.  Registration is open and available at: http://bexar-tx.tamu.edu/files/2012/02/TotsScience-Camp-2014.pdf.  If you are registering close to the camp date, be sure to call ahead to make sure there are still spots.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bug Camp - still openings!

Need some summer plans for your little one?  We still have a handful of openings in our Bug Summer Camps!

Bug Camp is an exciting, educational, fun half day camp for ages 7-11.  Campers receive an insect collection kit with everything they need to be an entomologist: professional net, collection box, collecting jars, killing solution, insect pins, spreading board, pinning block, labels, vials, aspirator, collection bag, magnifier, forceps and probably more that I can't remember!

We will collect insect each day, perform experiments with insects, make insect jewlery, art with insects, and so much more.  You'll be surprised how much your children will learn in one short week.  This week our theme is bees - so we'll see some observation frames (behind glass), get to put on a bee suit, and learn about beekeeping.  We also have a special guest coming to speak about tarantulas, with some actual tarantulas for us to hold, touch, or just watch behind glass!

Summer at the Heights - Alamo Heights ISD - June 16-20, 9-11:30am.  Register at http://www.ahisd.net/summeratheights/courses.html.  The course number is 213. 
***This camp has low enrollment right now, so register soon if you are interested.  If we don't have enough kids, we will cancel on Wednesday, June 4th.***

NISD Community Educaiton - Bug Camp! June 23-26, 9am-12:30pm @ the NISD Community Ed Building at Grissom & Bandera.  Register at nisd.net/ace.  Limited spaces, register soon!

All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity hear from an excellent entomologist, Wizzie Brown out of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Travis County.  

She will be presenting on "All Bugs Good and Bad", June 6th @ 1pm Central Time.

This is a FREE webinar - come in your pajamas and no one will know!

Go to https://connect.extension.iastate.edu/fireant.  Just log in as a guest and enter your name and you are in!