Monday, April 28, 2014

Little beetles coming through the windows

If you have noticed very small beetles coming in through the widow or congregated around the windows and walls near the windows, you are on the many who are experiencing a species of dermestid beetle (AKA Carpet beetles).

Adult Dermestid Beetle.

In the spring, adults feed on pollen and nectar and with all the pollen falling from trees (and everything else), the pollen tends to collect in corners and cracks and crevices, attracting dermestid beetles.  They will come to the corners of the windows to feed, and since they are so tiny, they find small cracks and enter the home.

There really is no reason to worry about them.  Wipe them away, vacuum them up, or scoot them out the door.  They aren't going to harm anything right now.  Once the allergy season slows down some, you won't notice them as much.  But, whenever pollen is high, it isn't unexpected to see 10s to 100s of these guys inside.

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