Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tiny Tarantulas? Why are these Spiders Showing Up?

(Photo credit: Dane Bauerle)

Chances are you have come across some trapdoor spiders lately. These large, somewhat hairy spiders are very common to find after a good rain. Many emerged the week of Thanksgiving when we have a good soaking, but some are still finding them after this weekend's rain.

Trapdoor spiders make a little burrow in the ground. Most likely, the soil was too hard or didn't have enough moisture from the drought for them to make a strong enough burrow. When it rains, they get flooded out. What are seeing are little male trapdoor spiders. They may also be coming out of their burrow looking for females.

These spiders are not dangerous, but they can be worrisome. Just ignore them, and they'll scurry off somewhere else. Consider them good because they eat other insects in the soil. People with swimming pools may find them in the filter or on the bottom of the pool. Scoop them out and let them sit - they'll probably come back to life and find a new home.

Expect to see more of them if we have more rain, and if you just moved into your home and you are finding them, they will probably be a regular, seasonal occurrence. Lucky you!

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Jimmy said...

Those are cool looking and extraordinarily scary at the same time. They look like they might be dangerous.....aren't they super poisonous in Australia?