Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yes, it does seem like the crickets are out of control this summer! And, yes, you are right, there are more this summer than there have been in the past. Crickets are a normal occurrence each summer, but during wetter years their populations explode. They will remain through the fall, but their number will be dramatically reduced.

Right now, the crickets are dying off in most areas of town. The mass explosion of the populations have ended, but next comes the worst phase in my experience: the die off! Now that all these crickets have lived their lives, they will start to die and cook in the sun. They seem to be especially attracted to the lights of large buildings, congregating there at night staying there during the day. They can make their way indoors, sneaking in through tiny cracks and crevices.

But, since they emerge from the egg nearly all together, their short lives will end very close together. This leaves large masses of dead crickets to rot in the sun. Crickets are pretty large bodied insects, and when they die they do stink. For many businesses, this is worse than then jumping around outside and making their way indoors. What many people don't realize is that crickets around buildings, businesses, and other locations has nothing to do with sanitation. However, when they start to die off, this does pose a sanitation issue.

The only solution is just to sweep them up as often as they die and throw them away. I rarely advise anyone to treat for the crickets, because their life is so short, you really never know if they died naturally or from the pesticides - and there's no use applying pesticides to the environment if it won't do any good. The best thing to do is turn off outdoor lights at night and within a few days they will subside.

Give it a couple more week or less, and we won't see a cricket explosion like this until the next wet summer!

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