Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's Rodeo San Antonio - Bug Style!

Every February is Rodeo month in San Antonio and Texas AgriLife Extension has been blessed with receiving half of an entire building to use for an educational display. We do this in coordination with the Bexar County Master Gardeners.

This year, we have an extra special exhibit with live insects and arthropods. There is a butterfly garden, display with just ladybugs, and aquariums holding tarantulas, scorpions, vinagaroons, preying mantids, termites, rhino beetle grubs, and hissing cockroaches!

If you time it right, you just might get to see a tarantula come out from her home to eat a cricket!

In addition to the awesome insect displays, you will find displays about tilapia farming (with live tilapia), vertical farming, sustainable agriculture, hardscape and xeriscape ideas, and propagation. Master Gardeners will be on hand to answer all your gardening related questions.

For the kids, we will also have germ, hand washing station. Kids of all ages, will get the chance to see their germs glowing on a screen, using special lotion. You can wash your hands and re-check to see how well you do in fighting germs!

Extension has also built a mock-kitchen with other safety ideas and tips to keeping your family healthy. The ISEC (Identify, Sanitize, Exclude & Control) Home Pest Management Program is highlighted, giving additional tips on how to prevent and manage bugs in the kitchen.

If you are out at the Rodeo this year, come by the Texas Experience Pavilion. There will be food, fun, and all sorts of information to take home! We spent over three weeks putting the barn together, and we're proud of how it looks, so come enjoy it with us!

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