Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Green June Bugs On the Horizon

This weekend, I spotted my first mating swarm of Green June Bugs and it is about that time of year when these guys stump outdoor lovers with their loud flying and buzzing close to the ground.

Sometimes people think they are bumblebees or wasps because of the buzzing sound their wings produce.  In flight, they do somewhat appear to be bumblebee like, especially because when the wings are open, their body is black in color and the metallic green of the underside and wings isn't noticeable.  Make no mistake, these are beetles.  They can also be clumsy fliers, knocking against windows or the side of the house, falling down and then picking themselves back up again.

Around this time of year, Green June Bugs tend to have mating swarms.  Some years there are more than others.  Although this is a very common occurrence in September, it isn't unusual for people who have lived in the San Antonio for years and never seen this to see it this year.  Some years you are just lucky!

Green June Bugs can feed on fruit trees and cause damage, but this time of year, they are just concerned with finding a mate and laying eggs.  It's best just to either enjoy or ignore them! 

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