Wednesday, April 11, 2018

San Antonio Chicken Coop Tour!

What better way to kick of Spring than by a chicken coop tour?!  A new city ordinance for the City of San Antonio now allows you to have six chickens AND a rooster.  If you have ever thought about having your own backyard flock, do yourself a favor and just do it!  You'll never regret it.

Join the tour to get ideas for how coops should be built to protect against predators, size requirements for flock sizes, and other details that you only learn through experience.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Entomology Summer Camps - Register Now!

2018 Entomology Summer Camps are now open for registration and filling up fast!  

Three dates and three payment options for returning campers!

New Campers (and returners who need a new kit, net and bag) - $125
Returners who need a new kit, but have the net and bag) - $100
Returners who have everything (I will replace pins and vials and killing solution) - $75

Register at

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Spring Break Nature Camp - 2018

Our annual Spring Break Nature Camp is open for registration!

We hope to hatch chicks during camp and learn about the chick lifecycle from a poultry expert, experiment with dissecting owl pellets, giant grasshoppers and crawdads, do a tour of the new expansion of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens for our field trip and have a lesson and plant scavenger hunt from their fantastic youth educator, learn from beekeepers (me! 😊) and see real bees behind glass.  Along with our staples of team building games, playing with tarantulas and bugs, and our grand finale ice cream party. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Insecta Fiesta Was a HUGE Hit!

If you didn't make Insecta Fiesta this year, you missed out on a great time!  But be sure to mark your calendars for our next venture in entomophagy on October 20th for an Insecta Fiesta Bar-BUG-Que.  We are planning a family style Bar-BUG-Que lunch with activities for the kids, a great raffle, honey sale, cockroach races, and a costume contest.  It'll be the Halloween hit of the year!

Even Insects Dress Up for Halloween!

Yes, even insects like to wear costumes.  This little guy is a green lacewing larvae that has disguised himself by taking bits of debris and gluing it to his back.  They commonly called Debris Carrying Lacewing Larvae and use the debris as camoflauge and because it makes them "smell" a little more like their prey, so they aren't detected as easily.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Armyworms on the March in South, Central Texas!

Fall armyworms are not an every year occurrence, but when they do make an appearance, they're numbers can be amazing!

Photo courtesy of Herb Haglund

Fall armyworms have several generations throughout the spring, summer and fall.  As their name would imply, the fall generations are often the most populous.

Damage occurs as they feed on foliage.  Fall armyworms can appear to "march" along turf and other plants in their way, consuming the plant tissue in their path.

Fortunately, the outbreaks we are seeing currently are not associated with turf damage.  However, if you are seeing fall armyworms crawling along the driveway, sidewalks, or up the house, take a look look at the turf for signs of damage.  Catch it quickly to prevent major damage.  Spinosad or Bt are good, organic options.