Friday, November 21, 2008

Green Lady Bugs???

No, those little green and black spotted insects that look like green lady bugs are NOT lady bugs. They are cucumber beetles and they are foliage feeders. All over town, fall vegetables are suffering from tiny, shotgun sized holes. But you are not alone, many people mistake spotted cucumber beetles for lady bugs because of their similarities in general body shape and spots.

Unfortunately, control of these beetles is difficult. They do not spend much time on the plant, and therefore, do not pick up much pesticide. The best control is mechanical control - place mesh screen or fabric over the affected plants. This may not be aesthetically appealing, but they should only last another month. Once we get a good cold snap, it should knock the population down. Be sure to till up your garden well once your fall garden is harvested, this will help squash any remaining larvae in the roots of your plants and/or eggs in the soil.


T. Tex Edwards said...

They sure do love chinese cabbage!

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great Photo & Article! New News on Ladybugs & to view a new movie trailer for a new movie coming out Dec. 2008 called "Ladybug"

mlanford said...

great job, Molly. I finally signed on & I'm catching up on your posts. keep up the good work! mrl class 46