Monday, March 19, 2012

Humongous Grubs in my Soil - Good or Bad?

If you are digging around in your yard, getting your beds ready for your spring gardens, you may have stumbled across some very scarey, very large grubs. These are Rhino Beetle Grubs and for the most part, completely harmless.

In fact, we often consider them to be beneficial because they are composters in the soil - breaking down dead roots and other materials into good organic matter. If they are found in the soil, I consider them to be indicators of good soil quality.

I would leave them alone, let them live and continue to turn your ordinary soil into soil full of good organic matter. Rhino Beetles Grubs will not eat the roots of your plants (unless the roots are dead), and if you find them in tree roots its because the roots are rotten and they are breaking them down.

The only time I would consider Rhino Beetle Grubs to be harmful is around palms, and this is usually because you have too much mulch and are over-watering the plants.

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